Wish I had the time to plan and make it to town more often to widen my choices of providers. She is quite pretty with great nice tight toned body, nice size boobs, real nice ass and very cute. In terms of the companionship, she was fantastic! Very attentive and at the same time lets me know what she liked. Non-stop fun from the second I stepped in until I left and everything I could want/expect/hope for from a companion was there to discover and savour. The location was upscale and her room was very nice and tidy. We chatted for a few minutes and then I was off, and in search of a cold drink. I reach the location and knock on the door. She opens the door dressed in a cute little nightie. She was dressed exactly like in her pictures and even satiated my request for specifically revealing poses as we chitchatted to get to know each other. When I first got to the door she was warm but there was no hug or kiss, which had me a bit worried. I was very wrong. Of course since it was rush hour what should have been a 20 minute drive ended up being 45 minutes which resulted in having to shorten to a half hour rendezvous. I called the number and she answered and we had a delightful and risqué conversation. She gave me the room number by texting me. I pre-booked a 1hr session via txt last week and everything went smoothly. On the day of, I received a text asking me to confirm our appt which I gladly did. 860-971-0873 ... more >