Booking was straight forward. I arrived at the location, she was ready and greeting me with a nice sexy top. I am in an area where we don't have nearly enough massage therapists out here. Few days ago she was available in the evening, the booking was super easy all through texts, was given the address right away after I said I am not familiar with the area. We made some small talk, and I found her to be very easy to converse with - absolutely no attitude issues. The best part is that you actually feel comfortable around her. The pics in the ad are definitely her as she was wearing that exact same outfit when I saw her. Attractive looking lady. Hair to about the shoulder. A bit of a party girl look to her. First thing I could think of was WOW! She was terrific and I really enjoyed my time with her. Wide eyed, staring and smiling excitedly whoops, “Oh my God, what a great body you have!”. As I was getting ready to get up, she pulled me close to snuggle and encouraged me to explore her body some more. I had a great sense of anticipation, since I tried seeing her last time I was in town, but our schedules didn't work out. As soon as I knew I was coming I booked early to be able to meet her... and boy, my only regret is that I should have seen her even earlier! The pictures on the website are accurate as is her description. 843-350-2045 ... more >