She has long legs and a great booty, not too big but just the right size. The next hour was off the charts! Highly energetic, just got really into each other. She gives the best massage in the business hands down, her touch is amazing. Another positive review for this girl. I had been looking around for a while and worked up the nerve to book this week and I have to say I was very much satisfied. Her entire demeanour sets the mood perfectly. Wearing a sexy, tight outfit that easily brought a smile to my face. Always fun to be getting a great massage and then look up to a sexy provider! She deserves a good recommendation, but please don't wear her out, fellow board members. We talked for a while about this and that, and she put me totally at ease, even going to the extent of saying that I can be completely forthright about what I wanted out of the session. Somebody mentioned earlier about how her attitude was almost "Geisha" like. And that's exactly what I experienced. She's so focused on your needs and so attentive to the tiniest of details that your nervousness sort of vanishes. Her body, attitude, and massage are the ultimate! This girl standing in front of me totally jaw-dropping gorgeous young lady, she is tall with heels, great body (all natural) with pair of long legs. No doubt in my opinion she is beautiful with her attractive eyes! She only has light make up but I can tell she still looks beautiful without make up. Yes - it is her and I need to pick up my jaw from the ground! Given the pics I went and wasn’t disappointed when she opened the door. 720-571-8666 ... more >