After the massage we talked about her hometown and her conversation skills are also great. I don't think I've ever had a bad experience with her. I really hope this lady can maintain that attitude and level of enthusiasm for her clients because I find it makes such a huge difference to the overall experience. Despite my intense urges about meeting her, we started with just sitting and talking which I really loved it put me quite at ease. She really knew how to connect with me. I honestly felt like I was sitting in my living room with my girlfriend (OK my imaginary girlfriend). I would have been content to fill the whole hour like this. Her boobs are awesome, nice and firm, they really should be more highlighted in the photos! I found her to be very enthusiastic and engaged. Maybe she clicked with me / YMMV thing? The next hour was off the charts! Highly energetic, just got really into each other. Her pictures do not do justice to how gorgeous and sexy she is in person. I met her at the location and when I first arrived I was blown away by such a beautiful smile, bright eyes and shiny hair. I took a chance and messaged her that I was coming to town and we managed to set a date and time. It was completely mind blowing! I think this girl is under-reviewed as I think just her overall package and great service will score many clients down the road. 445-200-6823 ... more >