She was taller and a bit younger than I imagined, in good shape with a really nice hourglass body and clean skin with no piercings (pretty rare these days). She is definitely not a clock watcher and maintained very friendly attitude throughout the session. This girl standing in front of me totally jaw-dropping gorgeous young lady, she is tall with heels, great body (all natural) with pair of long legs. No doubt in my opinion she is beautiful with her attractive eyes! She only has light make up but I can tell she still looks beautiful without make up. Yes - it is her and I need to pick up my jaw from the ground! Every once in a while you find someone with whom you can really "click". Facially I found her attractive, I would say she is well above average. A couple of things going for this lady: definitely her looks, sexy and sweet. I took a shower and came back to the room, she asked if I'd like a massage. Was my last review perhaps too graphic? I'll be the first to admit, I have not written a review in a LONG time. Have become more of a lurker on here and that's only because I make appointments to see girls who are already very well reviewed on this board from trust members and there would really be no point in me posting yet another review repeating what many have already said in their threads. To me her pictures don't do her justice, she is hott and the gal enjoys what she's doing. Throughout the entire session she was smiling and bouncing around. On the other side of the phone, a real lady awaits you. Beautiful face, gorgeous body, firm and all-natural breasts and a tight round bottom. What more can you ask for? 443-319-1510 ... more >