She is one of the nicest massage therapists I've met, she is just a darling. I was very impressed with her looks - her photos don't do her justice and she was wearing a very tempting skirt and push up bra. In any case, came in, told her I was going to grab a quick shower. To top it off, she is beautiful, and very friendly. Determined to ensure one has a great time. She was amazing. I would repeat as long as many times as I could. What a home run! Location was a nice place in a good area and the room was very clean with towels. She is a true masseuse. It actually kind of pains me to write this review because now, I will have share her with the rest of you... Her entire demeanour sets the mood perfectly. Very sorry to all those other ladies that I did not write a review for. Just a hunch, but I have a feeling I might be seeing a lot of this lady! Gentlemen, if you are looking for someone to measure up to your imaginary girlfriend, then you must go see her. I will repeat... She says this is not her regular job so it might be hard to get a hold of her sometimes. I cannot issue a grade on this experience because it would only be one of those boring 10's across the board scoring. I can hardly wait for my next trip to town so I can repeat with this beautiful and sensual lady. Was surprised today when I saw her ad on here and was able to make an appointment without difficulty. 438-899-2981 ... more >