Her place is simply beautiful from the moment you walk into the lobby to the moment you step into the door. Booking was no problem. Her schedule was actually getting full, so I was lucky to get a booking for one hour. For me this girl falls into a special category. She comes off as little shy but but I believe she's just being coy. Indeed she is very young looking. She is pretty as a picture with a gorgeous smile. She also is one of the nicest, sweetest ladies you will ever meet. No offense to the other ladies Iíve seen, but we seem to have a special something going on. Hot body, service was good. She opens the door with a big smile, and she is very pretty! She has a cute face, wears make up around her eyes, dyed straight hair down to her shoulders. A couple of things going for this lady: definitely her looks, sexy and sweet. I cannot issue a grade on this experience because it would only be one of those boring 10's across the board scoring. I can hardly wait for my next trip to town so I can repeat with this beautiful and sensual lady. She is gorgeous, young looking, her pictures aren't altered at all - she looks exactly like her pictures... pure heaven! She is a very good natured girl and I hope to see her again before she leaves. I told her the weekend is coming so be prepared for a longer engagement! 786-687-9103 ... more >