I saw her and just had to write down this review as soon as I came back. The service made me feel more like her boss.....you guys have to try her yourself. I am glad to say that she offers the same great level of service. She was very friendly right away. Smitten I am! Given the reviews already available I am not going into a detail account of our rendezvous. Her pics piqued my interest and after reading yesterday's review and a few others she was quickly moved to the top of my TDL. Through I had a very small window which was advised when and where she would be working next. Jumped all over it and had her contact to reserve the time slot to meet my schedule. She gave me the room number by texting me. Texted 15 mins before scheduled time that I was on my way, got immediate reply no problem, arrived on time and got room location - all good! I will with full confidence state is that she is one hell of a sexy, enthusiastic, engaging, passionate and genuinely warm and beautiful young woman with whom I shared a very mutually pleasurable time with. Only saw her twice but I remember her beautiful face to this day. I gave her a call for the appointment at noon. When we retreated she performed some more poses for me until I could not resist anymore. The only problem is I have not been able to book with her since. 786-380-5408 ... more >