I had some business to attend to so I decided to book her and make it a dual purpose trip. I hopped in the shower and hurried back (because I felt really cold after I got out of the shower), where she was waiting. Nice body, and a very cute bum. I had a great time with her. This is not the first time Iíve seen her and this time was even better. Walking behind her watching that ass of hers sway back and forth in her thong and bra combo was awesome, and even better when everything was off. I saw her ad on the forums, did a quick search for her on this board and found no reviews. She was supposed to be impossible to book but I lucked out calling late for same day appointment and got it. Thought I should share a review of one of the best massage therapists I ever visited. First thing I could think of was WOW! I find her to be very attractive and this is truly a case of a woman who looks even better than her pictures. I took the hour and was glad that I did. Personality is really friendly and chatty. Boy oh boy, I am still at a loss for words about how to explain this one. Ill try my best so excuse me if I miss a few things, I am still somewhat new to this. 775-273-8834 ... more >