I love both giving and receiving and wasn’t disappointed in either area. She’s hot and sexy and delivers in spades. A true GND with that great combination of skill and passion. The eyes are easy to get lost in, and giggle is so adorable. There was some great small talk and a very nice massage. By the time I left, I thought she was beautiful, with an expressive face - and as the other review noted, gorgeous natural breasts. For those into details on looks, nice stomach, very nice legs, not too skinny, but toned and shapely, nice shapely butt, and an absolutely beautiful smile. It felt really good, felt like I was getting really pampered. Beautiful face, sweet lips, great walk and eye contact while talking to me which I love. I liked the pics and I liked how she worded her ad recently, so I decided to meet her, and very glad that I did! I mean, she is something out of Rio Di Jinero! Nice body, and a very cute bum. I will not delve into my Don Juan Jr.-esque powers of seduction, nor reveal if they had an effect on her and her interactions and thus session with me. We went back and forth and she was really great, with a great attitude and answered all my questions. 773-649-6107 ... more >