Her massage skills are awesome - since she is very fit - good for smoothing out all my sore spots. During the massage she likes to talk, but she doesn't dominate the conversation, she actually listened to me and prompted me to share whatever I want in complete confidence - it felt easy to talk to her. Sometimes a guy just needs to talk about his day at work and she's OK with that and made me feel better for getting my worries off my mind. Afterwards we lay and chatted until time was up. I have been meaning to get around to posting this review but never had time. She seems to be a very bright young lady, one I could talk with for hours. She also takes care of herself. She told me that she doesn't like to take a lot of customers in a day. She was tireless and happy to work to bring me to total satisfaction. She is a very good natured girl and I hope to see her again before she leaves. Wish I had the time to plan and make it to town more often to widen my choices of providers. For full disclosure purposes, I love woman with her looks. Given her amazing face and body I would definitely make another appointment with her! Her pictures on the website are definitely accurate. She was wearing this very sexy dress that made my jaw drop. To be honest I was little nervous because I thought she was so damn beautiful when I saw her. I find her to be very attractive and this is truly a case of a woman who looks even better than her pictures. Greeted me at the door with a hug and kiss before I even had my shoes off. Heaven. I knew then that I was in for a wild ride. 770-353-9860 ... more >