I've been doing for this for some time now, and in that time I've met some amazing ladies. Each and everyone was an experience which I will never forget and I am truly grateful that I got to share some time with them. I mean, she is something out of Rio Di Jinero! Her entire demeanour sets the mood perfectly. She was very responsive and polite in her texts. I had a slight delay coming into town and contacted her about that, and she was very, very easygoing about the whole thing. I have a load of reviews to post, but I've been too lazy. So here's the latest! I drop everything to see her whenever I'm in town. She was supposed to be impossible to book but I lucked out calling late for same day appointment and got it. She cleaned me up with a warm towel, and we chilled, relaxing and talking. She concentrated on me only (didn't look at her phone or her clock while I was with her) and was professional in the most wonderfully lusty way while I was with her. Not sure if this is the kind of review you are expecting though, as I like to write how I feel rather than just what happened. My time spent with her was very much similar to that with an acquaintance. She comes across as a really cool (as in hip, not cold) lady with a genuine attitude. Asked her if she was good with massage and she said no problem. She kinda reminded me of some of the college girls I went to school with. 202-784-0935 ... more >