Location was a nice place in a good area and the room was very clean with towels. When I first got to the door she was warm but there was no hug or kiss, which had me a bit worried. I was very wrong. Door opens and I am greeted by this gorgeous girl. We ventured into the room. She unwrapped the towel and the stream of compliments has started. Rating? is there a chart high enough to fit this rating? I don't usually write reviews but I decided to today since I have been creating a huge TDL of girls based on everyone's reviews on this board. Booked through text which was easy and confirmed by phone. This is the only massage therapist I thought about days after seeing because she has made the session amazing and I'm left with the feeling it will be even better next time. She's also just a total sweetheart to top it all off. It was in the afternoon, just finished having some all-you-can-eat Sushi. I called the number and she answered and we had a delightful and risqué conversation. There was no clock watching - I was over when I told her that it was time I left.. she never brought it up. Looked fantastic in panties combined with a tight top. She is easy going with a sharp wit, very funny and sexy all in an understated but confident manner. 980-261-1383 ... more >