She gives the best massage in the business hands down, her touch is amazing. Location was a nice room close to where I work. Beautiful face, sweet lips, great walk and eye contact while talking to me which I love. Being with her was definitely as close to the best experience as one could get...she talks the talk, and walks the walk...she is just amazing...and honestly how she prepared herself for our time together was impeccable...her entire body...soft and flowers and It was very important to me to find someone sweet who would not treat me like a number.. make me feel special. Cute girl, lovely figure, velvet skin, warm personality and great service. One quick read through this site is all it takes to know how intelligent and insightful she is, and this was apparent almost immediately after meeting her. Nervous as I was, her conversational skills and great sense of humour quickly put me at ease and set the perfect tone for our time together. Contacted her though phone 1st and txt messages after. Easy set up. Sweet voice that just got my juices flowing. I will definitely repeat. Just got home from seeing her, and thought I'd write a review. She was really nice, down to earth and provided good service so I was a happy camper. My advice - run, don't walk to the nearest location when she is working next and have a sample for yourselves my fellow massage seekers, it can be an experience you do not want to miss out on if it was anything like mine. 971-373-7180 ... more >