This board lately has had a stellar line-up of incredible ladies and I was definitely not disappointed. She was supposed to be impossible to book but I lucked out calling late for same day appointment and got it. I donít rank by numbers but she has been added to that small list of mine and I will absolutely be repeating. The door closes and there she was in front of me, a beauty in a lingerie set of panties and bra. Greeted me with a huge smile on her face and genuine embrace and off we went into the room. When I got there, I was surprised how pretty and sweet she is. Her eyes generate loveliness, and she has a great genuine smile that she offers up freely through the session. The location was up-scale, and she had some nice lingerie on when I arrived. She was extremely friendly, polite and appreciative, the kind of girl that you want to hear from, and go to meet. I don't usually write reviews but I decided to today since I have been creating a huge TDL of girls based on everyone's reviews on this board. I took the hour and was glad that I did. For those who haven't had the opportunity to meet her, the most attractive feature is her stage personality. After reading a good review of her lately decided to take a plunge. 567-275-3092 ... more >