I reach the location and knock on the door. She opens the door dressed in a cute little nightie. Wish I had the time to plan and make it to town more often to widen my choices of providers. Have tried to repeat but schedules havenít lined up to date unfortunately, but will surely keep trying. She has a body that when you look at it you just want to hold her, squeeze her, and just look at her again. Booked the appointment with ease and she looked great in that outfit in the ad. Man did she look gorgeous with that sexy flowing hair at this point I didn't want to wait for dinner. She is very nice, smiles, is not a clock-watcher at all. I took shower after. You will find her very friendly and welcoming. I am ready to report on my most recent romantic interlude. Amenities were impeccable. Genuinely nice, very friendly girl with a great attitude and service. Definite repeat (and have, actually). Those of you who have been around know that I have reviewed this lovely once before but I thought it was worth updating my review. She deserves to be treated well and I hope I did so. Very honest and bubbly yet wise for her age, for example she understood right away my reason for not seeing same girl too many times: afraid of attachment huh? 804-533-5030 ... more >