Knocked on the door and came in and was not disappointed. I am from the suburbs but I come up all the time and I know the city very well. She is gorgeous, young looking, her pictures aren't altered at all - she looks exactly like her pictures... pure heaven! I am in an area where we don't have nearly enough massage therapists out here. I have never had an ATF, but I think I do now! She's quite attractive, how attractive you ask? Well, my gaze was drawn to a pair of sexy legs walking down the hall, her hair over her neck and graceful shoulders, maybe she felt my stare because she looked back with a wicked smile. She was supposed to be impossible to book but I lucked out calling late for same day appointment and got it. She responded very well to be being treated as a lady should be treated, that being with respect, warmth and gentleness. I asked her to keep the dress and the heels on. Fellas, she is one sexy lady. I don't think I've ever had a bad experience with her. I get to the location and when she opened the door, I see this very pretty lady with bra and panties waiting for me. She is great to talk to. A bonus was that she was wearing the same outfit as in the pics. 786-632-8156 ... more >