I have never had a chance to see her until yesterday. She reminded me of the type of girl you would date when you were in college - super cute and sort of shy but opens up if you take charge. Just got back from an amazing hour with this young lady and let me just say she is a head turner! I felt like a young guy with a new girlfriend just relaxing with no worries. We chatted a bit as she knew I was still nervous and then the fun began. All I can say is that she's everything that has been stated...you will feel like you have been with a wild girlfriend. She is a sweetie. She makes you feel like a long awaited boyfriend as soon as you walk in the door and that continues on throughout. I met up with her last week and I had a great time with her. She actually reminded me of a neighbour's daughter from my high school days. I have had the pleasure of her company few times. She seems to fly under the radar since there is no review of her yet on this board. The session cemented ATF status for me, and it took me several minutes to recover enough to get up to the bathroom after the conclusion. Seriously good service.... what a great time! 252-232-4831 ... more >