I'm not much a person who gives ratings however if I had to I'd be really tempted to just give a perfect 10 across the board for everything. I am a repeat client, and have never felt rushed, but I tend to keep an eye on the clock to make sure I don't take advantage of a great arrangement. Her tummy is beautiful. Her entire skin is incredibly soft to the touch. I could have stayed with her for hours just rubbing that soft skin. She is my FAVORITE massage therapist of all time, and in my area she has no competition. Booked the appointment with ease and she looked great in that outfit in the ad. I would like to share some quick feedback on this massage therapist, I paid for the full hour, the location was upscale. I've been meaning to meet up with her ever since I first saw her pics on this site. She was tireless and happy to work to bring me to total satisfaction. She is amazing and I think her body, face, and personality are exactly literally perfect. I asked to use the bathroom because I was sweaty from the walk and she said sure. She is not shy per se, just a little tentative until you could ease her into speaking freely. The appointment was set up with text and she was easy to get a hold of. 240-337-5377 ... more >