This was my first time with her and not my last. I told her that I was going to say that she looked like a certain actress in my review and she said she gets that a lot. She took directions well and made me feel like a king. Rating? is there a chart high enough to fit this rating? Great conversation, genuine concern that I enjoy the session, and perfect technique. If every massage therapist I met were like this I'd have gone broke a long time ago. After reading some glowing reviews about her, I noticed she was returning to town this weekend. I decided to take a chance and see if she was available during the times I could see her. Location is upscale. If you are driving make allowances for traffic due to construction in the area. She has been in a great discreet location with parking, very close to where I work. The view was gorgeous and she was amazing and very nice. We sat and talked a bit before going at it, she is very easy to talk to, has very pretty eyes, nice ass and legs. She does it part time, she has a full time job, hence she works few days a week. She cleaned me up with a warm towel, and we chilled, relaxing and talking. 225-438-5925 ... more >