Booking was straight forward. I arrived at the location, she was ready and greeting me with a nice sexy top. Well sign me up for her fan club! She actually reminded me of a neighbour's daughter from my high school days. I have been meaning to get around to posting this review but never had time. All I can say is I was very happy with her and she has all the potentials to become a star. Visually speaking, girl is exactly as she appears in her photos: beautiful hair with a lovely complexion, deliciously curvy and the most magnificent naturals I've seen. I know that makes no sense but like I said my brain was not on level ground. I was sort of in brain ecstasy for a few hours after the session. She makes you feel like a king, greeting you in a nice dress and giving you a captivating smile showing off her warm personality. She wore a cute bra and panty ensemble. She told me to come near her and I took off my towel. Boy oh boy, I am still at a loss for words about how to explain this one. Ill try my best so excuse me if I miss a few things, I am still somewhat new to this. She is about my height with heels on, in bare feet maybe couple inch shorter. I have seen quite a few massage providers in my day but she is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful ladies that I have met since I started massage seeking. 702-323-9328 ... more >