Let me first say that my expectations were super high for her since I've read numerous positive reviews and her pics are fabulous. As always, booking is easy, location is upscale and clean, parking easy to find and the lady - fantastic. I'm not going to do the number ratings. She's perfect. She hugged me, we talked a little bit. I told her I need to use the bathroom. I love these girls but I keep reminding myself to take every review with a grain of salt. Another positive review for this girl. I had been looking around for a while and worked up the nerve to book this week and I have to say I was very much satisfied. Maybe she looks so cute because she always dresses like a college girl on both occasions when I saw her. Suffice it to say, my experience with her could only be described as the ultimate experience. I booked over the phone and it was pleasant and simple. The appointment was set up with text and she was easy to get a hold of. I saw her ad on the forums, did a quick search for her on this board and found no reviews. She is truly a gem. 587-332-3641 ... more >