I felt like a young guy with a new girlfriend just relaxing with no worries. I hope to improve my writing skills as I go along LOL. She was dressed tastefully and high class. I've seen my fair share of ladies and I'd say she is up there. Although she has the look of one of those club girls, she is very classy and sociable. She is drop dead gorgeous and I wouldn't say her menu is limited. First I thought she was Latina. I gave as much as I received which was totally hot for each other, if you give with her the more you'll receive! She was extremely friendly, polite and appreciative, the kind of girl that you want to hear from, and go to meet. I actually was surprised to see such a hot girl when she opened the door. Truly outstanding and memorable. This adorable and sexy vixen definitely seems to be flying far under the radar. True hottie with deep sexy eyes, soft lips and a sweet smile. I find her very attractive facially, and much more than typical GND. Yes I know it was my first time with this massage therapist so I have no frame of reference but it was as good as the first time with just about any lady I've been with period. Her entire demeanour sets the mood perfectly. 205-845-6392 ... more >