It's the different atmosphere which made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She is very cute and that body, wow!! She has the curves of a model. Mind you, the whole booking process was done through text messaging. I had something lined up for the morning but I realized I needed to get work related matters cleared away before Im gone so I had to cancel someone Ive been dying to see. Ugh. Decided to try my luck and see whos available and the website hit me with this cute babe. The 2 things that really stood out was 1) fantastic body! 2) fabulous service. I've been meaning to meet up with her ever since I first saw her pics on this site. I asked to use the bathroom because I was sweaty from the walk and she said sure. Not a clock watcher by any means. Everything was done with a lot of passion, a bright smile, and a warm and cheerful attitude. I had a wonderful time with her and will likely repeat. This is the only massage therapist I thought about days after seeing because she has made the session amazing and I'm left with the feeling it will be even better next time. She's also just a total sweetheart to top it all off. She has an ass to die for. I find her to be very attractive and this is truly a case of a woman who looks even better than her pictures. She is definitely not a clock watcher and maintained very friendly attitude throughout the session. 205-687-6546 ... more >