Was my last review perhaps too graphic? Every once in a while you find someone with whom you can really "click". She was done up in a sexy skirt with pantihose and a sexy bra poking out from beneath her tank top. Her makeup was attractive and her face is beautiful. Of course my view of beauty isn't everyone's, but I'd definitely say that she is between the GND and Extremely Pretty with light makeup which I really like. She is very relaxed and easy to be with. I was in town on vacation visiting relatives and decided to live it up and see her again. She has a cute face, wears make up around her eyes, dyed straight hair down to her shoulders. She is very friendly and talkative. I would say our time together was an ideal experience, with lots of cuddling and intelligent conversation, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The fact that we were already discussing ideas for our next time together before time was up says it all really, very much looking forward to seeing her again during one of my next trips. I gave as much as I received which was totally hot for each other, if you give with her the more you'll receive! I have never had an ATF, but I think I do now! Got to the location a few minutes early. Texted to let her know I was there. Near the scheduled time, I get the call with the info. 202-858-6604 ... more >