Throughout she was friendly, tried to please, and was nice to talk to and fun to be with. Had a quick bathroom visit and promptly got ready (had a meeting I could not be late for after). I have had the pleasure of her company few times. She seems to fly under the radar since there is no review of her yet on this board. Maybe I benefited a bit from a very passionate vixen...lucky me! It is not often that I get the deer in headlights sensation when the door opens. Yes, you read the reviews (not many in this case), yes you study the photos, but let's face it: You can never be completely sure what you'll see when you get there. Well, in her case, you'll see a face that could easily be plastered all over town on billboards advertising the latest ice cream. You know the type: pretty, young, sexy, flirtatious, but somewhat toned-down and GND-y. A couple of things going for this lady: definitely her looks, sexy and sweet. Unlike my other reviews, I'm going to keep this review really short; since she's well reviewed. My session began with her greeting me in the hot lingerie she is now wearing in the new picture of her ad. That picture does nothing for her as she looked so much hotter in person! Maybe she looks so cute because she always dresses like a college girl on both occasions when I saw her. What can I say that hasn't been said? She is gorgeous, young looking, her pictures aren't altered at all - she looks exactly like her pictures... pure heaven! She has those beautiful breasts that are just the right size and feature lovely nipples. In terms of height, with heels she's at least my height. 850-366-6848 ... more >