She has a great personality and for some reason we had a pretty good connection. It was completely mind blowing! I was extremely impressed that she tried everything in her powers to help make sure I left happy. We decided on a 30 minute date. I was super pumped, her photos were incredible, and the few reviews I had read were glowing. But my bad habit of more research kept creeping up in the back of my head. Here on this board she has only 2 reviews, that really isn't enough for me. So I reached out to my fellow board members and the bro action was strong! Thanks guys for helping a bro out! The word of mouth just sang of a young woman who was enthusiastic, warm, and willing to please. This was so reassuring, so much so that I ended up realizing that 30 min might not be enough time to really connect with this girl. She is a true massage experience, the whole nine yards. She's very friendly and I was at ease right off the bat. She is very nice to look at, pretty face, toned figure; great overall package IMO. Yes I know it was my first time with this massage therapist so I have no frame of reference but it was as good as the first time with just about any lady I've been with period. After lunch I decided to stop by her place which is a 5 minute drive South. Asked her if she was good with massage and she said no problem. We agreed on her working next Wed/Thur, so we can repeat this amazing encounter. It was exquisite and relaxing at the same time. The sensations were really indescribable and I felt totally satisfied at the conclusion. She is a very good natured girl and I hope to see her again before she leaves. 772-236-0139 ... more >