All I can say is I was very happy with her and she has all the potentials to become a star. I sat on the bed and she asked what I was looking for and I replied a good massage. Very pretty face, voice to match and service with smile and aim to please. She has the potential of being the best if she keeps this up - outclassing the rest. Yes this gal is some of the best performers are out there! I had great experience with her. I will definitely repeat, most likely next week. Best bang for a buck for sure. We chatted for a bit, and she was as much warm and friendly as she was intelligent. This girl is smart, and really knows how to make you feel special. She kinda reminded me of some of the college girls I went to school with. I haven't written a review in long while but this beautiful lady was so good I can't resist. My first impression was that she looked younger than her pictures suggested. As much as I like her pictures - in my opinion I think they make her look a bit older than what she really is. I found her to be very pretty, with angelic eyes and a sexy figure. Not sure if it's just the style of her pics, but she looks much younger in person. Booking with her is a breeze, and her professionalism in keeping time and returning texts is amazing. I wasn't going to pass that up. The only problem is I have not been able to book with her since. 614-962-8501 ... more >