I repeated her last weekend and I had another memorable session. Sensing that this was going to be a very good session with an obviously very pleased woman there then commenced a very mutually satisfying hour of fun, laughter, play, emotion, intensity and passion. This board lately has had a stellar line-up of incredible ladies and I was definitely not disappointed. She is a beautiful girl with a very exciting attitude and great enthusiasm. Location was a nice place in a good area and the room was very clean with towels. Vocal and seductive, sensual and alluring, always passionate. Looking into those erotic eyes of her as she works you will absolutely make you crazy with lust. She took directions well and made me feel like a king. To top it off, she is beautiful, and very friendly. Determined to ensure one has a great time. What can I say that hasn't been said? In terms of the companionship, she was fantastic! Very attentive and at the same time lets me know what she liked. Non-stop fun from the second I stepped in until I left and everything I could want/expect/hope for from a companion was there to discover and savour. Door opens and I am greeted by this gorgeous girl. The massage itself was very sensual which I love. She spent a bit of time on the back and shoulders but eventually got to the tease which was great (the part I look forward to as a preamble the most). She did her share of leaning over my face which was incredible. 972-833-4619 ... more >