The whole time she kept saying and asking if I liked it and if I wanted more and that sort of conversational exchange between the two of us was sort of really exciting. When we retreated she performed some more poses for me until I could not resist anymore. She was dressed tastefully and high class. She is just a sweetheart. For the donation it was a great value and I will definitely repeat. She is very bubbly, enthusiastic and a joy to engage with. The chat can sometimes be a bit awkward and guarded - on both sides. But I found her to be straightforward and open. A very refreshing and nice way to start. It was a challenge for me to maintain the balance between keeping my mind on the conversation and just breaking down and staring at every inch of her body. Attractive looking lady. Hair to about the shoulder. A bit of a party girl look to her. I was staying till Sunday but I think I may be staying for next week too. Our rendezvous was for an hour as based on her positive reviews I had no qualms about a longer session, and she did not in anyway fail to live up to her billing. She opened the door in the sexy outfit she wears in several of her pics. Parked my car in the back and entered through the front door. As others have mentioned earlier, she is a girl you can connect with almost immediately. Maybe it's her demeanour not sure what it is, but I've never felt more welcomed by a massage therapist. I would say our time together was an ideal experience, with lots of cuddling and intelligent conversation, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The fact that we were already discussing ideas for our next time together before time was up says it all really, very much looking forward to seeing her again during one of my next trips. 951-356-4681 ... more >