Service: Very good...lots of energy. I was extremely impressed that she tried everything in her powers to help make sure I left happy. Was surprised today when I saw her ad on here and was able to make an appointment without difficulty. Some things that really stood out were her looks, she is cute as hell, gorgeous eyes, and a genuine smile plus her attentiveness to my nervousness, she sensed that I was either new or that it had been a while, so she welcomed any questions and reassured me that I didn't have to be shy plus her personality, she is truly easy to get along with, everything felt natural and that really put me at ease. I felt totally comfortable with her like I would be with a gf, and that's saying something because it takes me a while to warm up to most people. I give her body a "10". All-natural breasts to die for. See the pics for yourself. She opens the door with a big smile, and she is very pretty! I don't get to play much anymore but I will make sure I get to see this one again. Repeat? Hell yes. What a wonderful encounter! She is amazing. The room was clean, the bathroom spotless and she was very accommodating with my requests. An hour of sheer pleasure. Amazing personality, with the best attitude i've seen. Gorgeous body and energy. Everything I could have asked for and more. Respectful, timely and oh so good. She is truly a gem. I have had the pleasure of her company few times. She seems to fly under the radar since there is no review of her yet on this board. Thought I would post a review of this girl who I recently saw up. She is very cute and that body, wow!! She has the curves of a model. 647-498-9842 ... more >