The usual services were offered and I was certainly treated to them. The chemistry was off the charts and I'm sure glad she wasn't the first lady I saw or my standards would be higher than they already are. I've been walking around all weekend thinking about how much fun I had with her. You might be able to find a girl who's as much fun as her but I'll doubt you'll find one who's more fun. The 2 things that really stood out was 1) fantastic body! 2) fabulous service. The thoughts in my mind have been running for far too long, I was holding it for the longest time that day prior to our session. While I'm not an ass man, she has an ass to die for. I asked to use the bathroom, came out and then it was the fun started. From behind is quite the sight as she has a very cute bum. I wasn't going to pass that up. For those wondering about looks, yes her photos are accurate. She has a nice body, and lovely tits. She is young and pretty in a GND kind of way (which is my preference anyway). She's quite attractive, how attractive you ask? Well, my gaze was drawn to a pair of sexy legs walking down the hall, her hair over her neck and graceful shoulders, maybe she felt my stare because she looked back with a wicked smile. She always makes me feel like a king. The eyes are easy to get lost in, and giggle is so adorable. 226-240-4980 ... more >