She kindly told me that I worked so hard that I deserved to take a break. She greeted me at the door in that dress in her ad. Not a clock watcher by any means. Everything was done with a lot of passion, a bright smile, and a warm and cheerful attitude. I had a wonderful time with her and will likely repeat. Sometime last week I was in the mood for a nice massage and decided to look through the availabilities. My regular was just about all booked up, so I was pleasantly surprised to find she was available at the time I had requested. You guys are lucky I don't often repeat and I'm thinking of taking a hiatus from this. Otherwise I would keep her to myself LOL. Sometimes these girls come and go so quick that it's a shame when you miss out. Don't walk. Run to see this one. You won't be disappointed. She is amazing and I think her body, face, and personality are exactly literally perfect. She opens the door with a big smile, and she is very pretty! The date went better than I had anticipated. Words cannot do justice to what she did or how it made me feel but I know for fact that I have never had such an extended feeling of euphoria in my life and I cannot wait to experience it again. I love these girls but I keep reminding myself to take every review with a grain of salt. Her pictures do not do justice to how gorgeous and sexy she is in person. I met her at the location and when I first arrived I was blown away by such a beautiful smile, bright eyes and shiny hair. I sat on the bed and she asked what I was looking for and I replied a good massage. She was just as hot as her pictures, and she looked great! 702-703-4085 ... more >