The eyes are easy to get lost in, and giggle is so adorable. Thought I would post a review of this girl who I recently saw up. Very pretty and cute face, gorgeous breasts which upon examination appear to me at least to be stunningly and unfathomably un-enhanced. Location was extremely easy to find and very upscale. She is very bubbly, enthusiastic and a joy to engage with. The chat can sometimes be a bit awkward and guarded - on both sides. But I found her to be straightforward and open. A very refreshing and nice way to start. It was a challenge for me to maintain the balance between keeping my mind on the conversation and just breaking down and staring at every inch of her body. I wasn't going to pass that up. I usually give so much more detail in a review but it feels like I'm reviewing a friend and I don't feel comfortable going into the details. She hugged me, we talked a little bit. I told her I need to use the bathroom. She is about my height with heels on, in bare feet maybe couple inch shorter. I'm biased here because this lady is just my type; face, body, personality, and a bit of naughtiness. I met up with her last week and I had a great time with her. She is very relaxed and easy to be with. 321-730-8991 ... more >