The location was fantastic, parking was great, and from an admin perspective everything was brilliant. Location is upscale. If you are driving make allowances for traffic due to construction in the area. She greets me with two kisses on the cheek, some small talk and hangs my jacket in the closet. I go for my shower and when I come out we start our session. However, I am not a typical demographic on this board as I would say Im a little older than the average Joe. She is about my height with heels on, in bare feet maybe couple inch shorter. I really hope this lady can maintain that attitude and level of enthusiasm for her clients because I find it makes such a huge difference to the overall experience. The satisfying grin on her face was priceless. She reacted to every little thing I did like any hot girl would... nothing too exaggerated but it looked like she was enjoying herself. She makes you feel like a long awaited boyfriend as soon as you walk in the door and that continues on throughout. I let her take the lead. I was very passive and she showed some new to me massage tricks as a result. I had some business to attend to so I decided to book her and make it a dual purpose trip. She has a fantastic body with nice breasts and perky nipples. I love that! Great ass too!! Definitely a repeat, as the massage was pretty hot, and her body is fantastic! 904-452-8840 ... more >