She was dressed tastefully and high class. I would love to keep her as my personal massage therapist but since that won't be happening any time soon I should share my experience and keep my karma good as I seem to have broke my string of bad luck in this and I'd like to continue my run, lol. She reminded my of the sexy tanned chicks who you would find in clubs. I could have stayed for days. She is a pleasure, and I see why she was rated the best of the rest in the area. Everything I could have hoped for and there was never a glance at the time or the phone. She is a classy girl, and could write a book on what customer service truly means. I do intend to see her again. I had some spare cash from benefits for last year, so I wanted to have some fun. There is just something about this lady that really turns my crank. I had the honour of meeting her on two occasions. I agree with the reviews posted on this board about this wonderful lady. I noticed that the website was down but she still had an ad on here. I decided to call the place. I have a load of reviews to post, but I've been too lazy. So here's the latest! I came feeling unsure and nervous, but I left feeling like a million bucks. Seems to enjoy her work, which is always a plus. She is a beautiful girl with a very exciting attitude and great enthusiasm. 908-937-4444 ... more >