I'm glad I finally had a chance to see her, she is a nice sweet girl, not a clock watcher and is eager to please. I had great experience with her. She is a hot girl. Her face is incredibly pretty, her lips are amazing and her smile is hypnotizing. I had a brain cramp and struggled to find the location despite having been in the area before .. duh ! Anyway, when I finally made my way up there stood a very pretty girl with a beautiful smile. Facially she is more then GND pretty IMO. Has beautiful eyes to boot. Hot is an accurate description and usually really MCOT. That said, beauty comes in many forms and conversation was so easy it was like meeting an old friend. Maybe she clicked with me / YMMV thing? I'm not going to do the number ratings. She's perfect. The greeting was warm and the massage amazing. Here’s the story for you, purely subjective and my opinion only. I saw her a few weeks ago before she had any pictures or reviews posted. I kept my towel on because, honestly, I'm a bit shy but she eventually removed it. Her tummy and bum are as cute as ever and looks like she keeps fit by jogging. Not sure if it's just the style of her pics, but she looks much younger in person. 985-231-2103 ... more >