She was supposed to be impossible to book but I lucked out calling late for same day appointment and got it. Saw her few days ago. It was a last minute decision which is usually the way it has to be with me. I like to earn my good reviews. I contacted her by text and she was pretty quick to reply. I will not go into detail as there are several reviews of her. When I first got to the door she was warm but there was no hug or kiss, which had me a bit worried. I was very wrong. She treated me very warmly and led me to the bathroom to freshen up. Got call, location, room, a slight tap, the door opens and behind the door this I what I found a very sexy looking girl. This girl standing in front of me totally jaw-dropping gorgeous young lady, she is tall with heels, great body (all natural) with pair of long legs. No doubt in my opinion she is beautiful with her attractive eyes! She only has light make up but I can tell she still looks beautiful without make up. Yes - it is her and I need to pick up my jaw from the ground! It would appear she does not have a set routine, my experience was different but every bit as good. I went in the bathroom came out, we chatted for a bit. There is just something about this lady that really turns my crank. 980-777-9232 ... more >