I would love to keep her as my personal massage therapist but since that won't be happening any time soon I should share my experience and keep my karma good as I seem to have broke my string of bad luck in this and I'd like to continue my run, lol. She has the most wonderful body. I still think about how it felt. I will definitely see her again in the future, maybe next week. I was very impressed with her service and she is pretty liberal as well so long as you behave like a gentleman. She's just too good and way too sexy I must repeat. I have seen her three times so far and they have all been great. She actually reminded me of a neighbour's daughter from my high school days. My advice - run, don't walk to the nearest location when she is working next and have a sample for yourselves my fellow massage seekers, it can be an experience you do not want to miss out on if it was anything like mine. Her entire demeanour sets the mood perfectly. She is at least a 9 on my personal Richter scale, and next time I hope to take the full cruise and I have the feeling that it could well be a chart topping earth moving 10! She has a body that when you look at it you just want to hold her, squeeze her, and just look at her again. She giggled a lot which made her even hotter. 970-703-4594 ... more >