I think overall this session was by far the best of my short experience. She absolutely rocked my world on this night and I know it helps that I just dig her. She's a terrific girl and if you be nice and treat her well look out because the reward will leave you breathless (YMMV of course). Wish I had the time to plan and make it to town more often to widen my choices of providers. Set up was fairly easy. We had been texting back and forth over the last few nights, so we already had a good rapport. She is a hot girl without a doubt but I can say that her service is even better. Have tried to repeat but schedules havenít lined up to date unfortunately, but will surely keep trying. What a good time we were having and this was just the appetizer...main course was to follow! She really is the definition of a perfect massage experience. I know you know it already, but I'll just repeat it. Met with this wild one last week and it was an awesome experience. It would appear she does not have a set routine, my experience was different but every bit as good. I'll keep this review short and light on details cause what others have said about her already is entirely true! She is by far the hottest girl I have ever seen, and I have seen upwards of 300+ ladies. She fits right in with girls in fashion magazines. Perfect body and smooth skin. Face of an angel. Cute smile and an innocent look. This girl is how I would define my definition of a perfect woman's body. 954-744-0643 ... more >