The pics on the website are very accurate. Seems to enjoy her work, which is always a plus. She said that she would be available in the evening and that I should feel free to call her so I did. Nice body, and a very cute bum. Always fun to be getting a great massage and then look up to a sexy provider! I have never had an ATF, but I think I do now! Boy was I glad I took the plunge. She is a lovely woman who is very engaging, smart, easy to talk to, and fantastic at what she does. She is great to talk to. A bonus was that she was wearing the same outfit as in the pics. When I arrived she gave me a warm welcome right off the bat. Any awkward feeling you might get when you walk through the door was gone instantly. That said, had the urge today, and the girl I was supposed to see tonight couldn't make it so realizing I had to check out what the talent pool was looking like. It's the different atmosphere which made me feel comfortable and relaxed. 929-507-3195 ... more >