In any case, came in, told her I was going to grab a quick shower. Every once in a while you find someone with whom you can really "click". She was very friendly right away. Attractive looking lady. Hair to about the shoulder. A bit of a party girl look to her. I felt like a young guy with a new girlfriend just relaxing with no worries. She is a very inviting, intelligent and friendly person who puts you at ease from the get go. I would go on to say that she is probably one of the most attractive women I have ever met in this industry and I am very critical in this area. Those of you who have been around know that I have reviewed this lovely once before but I thought it was worth updating my review. Wearing a sexy, tight outfit that easily brought a smile to my face. Being with her was definitely as close to the best experience as one could get...she talks the talk, and walks the walk...she is just amazing...and honestly how she prepared herself for our time together was impeccable...her entire body...soft and flowers and As always, booking is easy, location is upscale and clean, parking easy to find and the lady - fantastic. We went back and forth and she was really great, with a great attitude and answered all my questions. You know, there are good looking girls, and then there are hot looking girls? 929-431-5496 ... more >