Was my last review perhaps too graphic? She seemed to adore being gently teased while I admired every inch of her exceptionally desirable figure. I love these girls but I keep reminding myself to take every review with a grain of salt. She wore heels when I walked in, still she's about my height and she is looking at me. And I love it. She is the one who will make your head turn, whether you like it or not. For those who have read my reviews before, you know that I only partake in but as soon as I walked in and saw her, I threw all of my reservations aside. Photos on this site are accurate. I noticed her pics few days ago, as I definitely have a thing for ladies with her looks. After reading here and there positive feedback about her, our schedules coincided. I would like to give a big thank you for all the contributors here and the people who TOFTT and in turn pointed me in the right direction. Which is how I found this lovely and absolutely amazing lady. Not sure if it's just the style of her pics, but she looks much younger in person. I love both giving and receiving and wasn’t disappointed in either area. She was supposed to be impossible to book but I lucked out calling late for same day appointment and got it. 925-388-5742 ... more >