Everyone should have qualities about themselves that are attractive to such beautiful and wonderful women. She deserves a good recommendation, but please don't wear her out, fellow board members. She is at least a 9 on my personal Richter scale, and next time I hope to take the full cruise and I have the feeling that it could well be a chart topping earth moving 10! It is not often that I get the deer in headlights sensation when the door opens. Yes, you read the reviews (not many in this case), yes you study the photos, but let's face it: You can never be completely sure what you'll see when you get there. Well, in her case, you'll see a face that could easily be plastered all over town on billboards advertising the latest ice cream. You know the type: pretty, young, sexy, flirtatious, but somewhat toned-down and GND-y. She is a beautiful girl with a very exciting attitude and great enthusiasm. I have had the pleasure of her company few times. She seems to fly under the radar since there is no review of her yet on this board. I gave as much as I received which was totally hot for each other, if you give with her the more you'll receive! Location was a nice place in a good area and the room was very clean with towels. She is a very good natured girl and I hope to see her again before she leaves. I ended up driving to a variety store after the session cause I badly needed a cold drink. The view was gorgeous and she was amazing and very nice. Service: Very good...lots of energy. 925-281-6130 ... more >