Just saw her a few days ago. Gentlemen, she is amazing and the session was beyond anything I anticipated and/or hoped for. I am providing a more detailed review for those who are interested in knowing how the session unfolded and what you may expect if you visit her. Additionally, in writing, I get to relive what was the very best experience I have had with a massage therapist. Wow, I am so glad to have found her. I'm truly smitten. The eyes are easy to get lost in, and giggle is so adorable. I will definitely repeat. She gets totally into it, and not mechanical at all. I'm sure it's a YMMV thing, but she definitely seemed to enjoy the conversational part of our visit together and seemed to get super-duper excited. I can see why somebody would describe her as looking like that hot girl on TV. It was exquisite and relaxing at the same time. The sensations were really indescribable and I felt totally satisfied at the conclusion. Her pics are real (she wore the sexy one for me before) and the body is awesome. After lunch I decided to stop by her place which is a 5 minute drive South. Yes, some people do tend towards a certain type and lord knows I've been chasing that. But every now and then you meet a girl and realize how much you can enjoy other varieties. 925-207-0337 ... more >