She has amazing curves, a toned physique, and very soft skin. Overall, real nice girl, pretty, sweet and accommodating, a very positive experience. I just had to be with her. Had a bit of small talk/tease (just the way she talks to you is so sensual). One quick read through this site is all it takes to know how intelligent and insightful she is, and this was apparent almost immediately after meeting her. Nervous as I was, her conversational skills and great sense of humour quickly put me at ease and set the perfect tone for our time together. She's comfortable in her skin and her job, and this lets her relax and show her sense of humour. It's a small detail but it made a difference. We chatted a bit, and she was great to talk to. She is a hot girl without a doubt but I can say that her service is even better. Her tummy and bum are as cute as ever and looks like she keeps fit by jogging. Her description seemed compelling, so I decided to take a chance. I arrived, got in knocked on the door and a beautiful girl opens the door. She is at least a 9 on my personal Richter scale, and next time I hope to take the full cruise and I have the feeling that it could well be a chart topping earth moving 10! In terms of the companionship, she was fantastic! Very attentive and at the same time lets me know what she liked. Non-stop fun from the second I stepped in until I left and everything I could want/expect/hope for from a companion was there to discover and savour. 919-588-3215 ... more >