I had something lined up for the morning but I realized I needed to get work related matters cleared away before Iím gone so I had to cancel someone Iíve been dying to see. Ugh. Decided to try my luck and see whoís available and the website hit me with this cute babe. I can't say who she looks like, I'm not good at that....but there was a moment near the end when were in her room together and I swear her profile looked like that Penthouse pet of the month. Maybe I was just delirious at that point. Nice body, and a very cute bum. First I thought she was Latina. I like her a lot, very pretty facially. Letís just say that I had her on my mind for the rest of the day. In terms of appearance I found her to be slimmer than her photos. The view was gorgeous and she was amazing and very nice. The phone service and directions were professional. She is beautifully curvy in the right places with really nice naturals. I was sold at the door as I peaked behind to take in her gorgeous face. This girl is cheerful, charming, and can stroke your ego. I told her that I was going to say that she looked like a certain actress in my review and she said she gets that a lot. I'm happy to report, she lives up to the good reviews. 916-860-1422 ... more >