The pics on the website are very accurate. After lunch I decided to stop by her place which is a 5 minute drive South. I was extremely impressed that she tried everything in her powers to help make sure I left happy. Yes, some people do tend towards a certain type and lord knows I've been chasing that. But every now and then you meet a girl and realize how much you can enjoy other varieties. Yesterday afternoon just as I was heading out from work, I saw she had just posted one of the most arousing ads in recent memory. I really hope this lady can maintain that attitude and level of enthusiasm for her clients because I find it makes such a huge difference to the overall experience. She is a very good natured girl and I hope to see her again before she leaves. I am in an area where we don't have nearly enough massage therapists out here. I have not even gotten to the skills department yet. She was tireless and happy to work to bring me to total satisfaction. Maybe I benefited a bit from a very passionate vixen...lucky me! One of the few girls in this industry I actually enjoyed talking to, so I agree about her personality.. this ones a keeper! 904-464-0364 ... more >