After reading a good review of her lately decided to take a plunge. She reminded my of the sexy tanned chicks who you would find in clubs. First I thought she was Latina. I've seen her ad before so I knew it would be a good session. It turned out to be an incredible session. She greeted me at the door in that dress in her ad. My session began with her greeting me in the hot lingerie she is now wearing in the new picture of her ad. That picture does nothing for her as she looked so much hotter in person! She is a true massage experience, the whole nine yards. She has a fantastic body with nice breasts and perky nipples. I love that! Great ass too!! I had a sense that she recognized me and somehow she looked even better than before with those seductive eyes. I thought she looked amazing. I'm not going to do the number ratings. She's perfect. Finally gotten around to contributing to this site. Have seen several massage therapists over the last couple weeks and will be posting what I think might be useful to my fellow board members. The location was upscale and her room was very nice and tidy. 872-808-3651 ... more >