I was going nuts looking at pictures of her and finally I had to take the plunge last night, a delightful night for driving. All I can say is wow. I was fully relaxed. If you read this, thanks again for a fabulous afternoon! Loved those natural pear shaped slightly pendulous breasts. Not a clock watcher, and fantastic attitude towards the session overall. One classy looking girl. Was completely attentive and focused on delivering an exceptionally satisfying experience. Her massage is a real massage. Like I'm talkin' RMT style except on a flat bed, not a table. I have been seeing this little beauty a few times now. Very sensual teasing that made my entire body quiver with ecstasy. What a refreshing experience. Met with this wild one last week and it was an awesome experience. She made great eye contact, and smiled and giggled when I told her how hot she was. I saw her yesterday and would go so far as to say that she has one of the most beautiful faces among all the massage therapists I've seen. 872-225-9817 ... more >